DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams) is just one of the many components of the United States National Disaster Medical System, Department of Health and Human Services, which stands ready to assist local and state jurisdictions during a disaster scenario.  Region VI is just one small part of DMORT, and covers New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.  However, at any time, members from this region may be called to assist in other parts of the country and internationally.  We are comprised of funeral directors, dentists, fingerprint experts, photographers, police, firefighters, radiological technicians, anthropologists, medico-legal investigators and forensic pathologists working to accomplish one mission -- to assist in the proper identification of those unfortunate victims of disaster and reunite those loved ones with their families in order that they may find peace of mind necessary to begin the healing process.

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DMORT stands for Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams.  We operate under the supervision of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); and only respond to ASSIST local jurisdictions should their resources become overwhelmed by a disaster.

recent deployments

  1. -Joplin, Missouri

  2. -Haiti Earthquakes

  3. -Hurricane Ike (rt click to download)

  4. -Hurricane Rita

  5. -Hurricane Katrina

  6. -Space Shuttle Columbia

  7. -9/11 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania